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World of Warcraft Streamer,
Addon Author, Darksynth Musician

Latest Videos

Balance Druid

PVPXTV loves to play Balance Druid PvP in World of Warcraft videos and streams of Battlegrounds and WPvP. Enemies are hunted down, destroyed, and sacrificed at the PvP X.

Get a build for single target destruction! PVPXTV's balance druid talents, rotation macros, and addons.


PVPXTV's World of Warcraft stream focuses on Battlegrounds, WPvP, and the WarCult minigame addon. Get ready for intense battles, unexpected twists, and some good laughs.

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Stream features PVPXTV's ominous darksynth music inspired by PvP in videogames. Get in the mood for destruction with themes of in-game death, domination, and cults.

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Gameplay features addons created by PVPXTV to enhance your WoW experience. For World of Warcraft retail battlegrounds, arenas, and WPvP. Get them on CurseForge.

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Cross region, cross realm, cross faction WoW PvP Discord. Stand in the PvP X with the WarCult addon.

WarCult X