WoW PvP Minigame

World of Warcraft invites you to forge your legend in Azeroth, a vibrant fantasy world teeming with ancient magic, heroic alliances, and monstrous threats. Explore mythical landscapes, vanquish epic foes, and forge lasting friendships in this sprawling online adventure. WarCult is an addon minigame for World of Warcraft. Get killing blows and cult experience points in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn cult levels and ranks. WarCult is modular, install other PVPXTV addons to customize your minigame.


Killing blows are tracked in any WoW PvP, with visual and audio kill confirmation.


Stand in the X to sacrifice your killing blows and xp for cult level progression.


Your determination and cult loyalty will be recognized with prestigious awards.

Level Up


Get Killing Blows

Be the last player to inflict damage on an enemy player in any PvP and get the Killing Blow. WarCult tracks your KBs on its kill counter.


Earn Bonus Points

Displayed above the kill counter, cult experience points are earned via PvP activity or standing in the current week's sacrificial X.


Stand in the X

Every week a cult zone is designated as the sacrifice zone. Stand in the X to gain an X Power buff that increases your xp per killing blow.


Sacrifice Your Kills

Killing blows and xp that you've earned in any PvP are sacrificed at the current week's sacrificial X, progressing your cult level and rank.


WarCult is a standalone minigame addon. However, it can be expanded with addon modules. WarCult detects and automatically integrates each installed addon into its scoring system.


Install module addons to unleash a variety of xp-boosting effects. Each module offers a unique points bonus tied to its core feature.

Vantage Addon

With Vantage and WarCult installed, a killing blow while near group members (especially healers) gives bonus xp in WarCult.

TopTarget Addon

With TopTarget and WarCult installed, a killing blow on the top targeted enemy player most recently highlighted with a red cornered box gives bonus xp in WarCult.

TopCombat Addon

With TopCombat and WarCult installed, a killing blow on the top enemy dps or damager most recently highlighted with purple brackets gives bonus xp in WarCult.

Kingdam Addon

With Kingdam and WarCult installed, killing blows while king (or queen) of damage in Kingdam give bonus xp in WarCult.