World of Warcraft stream focused on Battlegrounds, WPvP, minigame addon WarCult.

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Stream features PVPXTV's ominous darksynth music inspired by PvP in videogames.

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Gameplay features addons created by PVPXTV to enhance your WoW experience.

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WoW PvP Stream

WoW PvP Stream

Join PVPXTV for action-packed World of Warcraft streams, featuring Battlegrounds and WPvP with intense battles, twists, and laughter. Together, we will destroy each other and riiiise.

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Cross region, cross realm, cross faction WoW PvP Discord. Our community is primarily for PvP in WoW but all gamers are welcome to join the server. Install PVPXTV's addons to enhance your combat experience.

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