WoW PvP Addons

Addons for World of Warcraft retail PvP Battlegrounds, Arenas, and WPvP. Get them on CurseForge or search the CurseForge App.

WarCult WoW PvP Addon

WarCult – PvP addon minigame. Get killing blows and cult experience points in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn cult levels and ranks. Frame displays your killing blows, cult xp, kill challenges, and when within X on world map also displays your cult level.

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TopTarget WoW PvP Addon

TopTarget – PvP & PvE addon highlights nameplate of your group’s most targeted enemy player or NPC with a red cornered box. Target caller can use the addon to prioritize their target and get visual feedback on group’s targeting. Non target callers in heat of battle can use the addon to target priority/same target.

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TopCombat WoW PvP Addon

TopCombat – PvP addon highlights nameplate of enemy/group top damagers to attack/cc or defend/assist. TopCombat is your targeting assistant. See at a glance the top enemy and/or group damagers on the battlefield, via high visibility nameplate icons in your field of view.

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Vantage WoW PvP Addon

Vantage – PvP addon for group role status audio visual alerts at a glance during combat. Vantage is your group battle monitor. Roles in range, low health/mana, and danger alerts. Position your character to maintain a good count of nearby group members.

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Kingdam WoW PvP Addon

Kingdam – PvP addon simple damage meter minigame displays player’s damage percent versus the top damager. Standalone basic meter or use Details for advanced data source. Reach over 100% damage versus the top damager to be crowned king (or queen) of damage.

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HideNPC WoW PvP Addon

HideNPC – PvP addon to hide NPC blip icons on the minimap when using track humanoids. Great for PvP, making it easier to see players when NPCs are nearby, or if you just don’t want to see NPCs in certain situations.

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The addon frames are initially centered. To move the frame, hold down keyboard shift and left mouse button to drag the frame to desired position.

These addons require enemy and/or friendly player nameplates enabled in WoW’s settings: Options > Game > Interface > Nameplates.

TopTarget only needs enemy nameplates.

TopCombat depends on whether you've enabled enemy or friendly nameplate icons in addon settings.

Audio alerts are initially disabled. Enable audio for individual alerts in addon settings: Options > Addons > WarCult/Vantage/Kingdam.

Audio alerts use the Dialog sound channel, set to preferred volume: Options > Game > System > Audio > Dialog.

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