Music For destruction

PVPXTV creates dark, dystopian, and downtempo electronic music inspired by PvP in videogames. Themes of in-game death, destruction, domination, and cults.


Darksynth Tracks

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Together We Destroy Darksynth Track

Horde Ripper

In the moonlit forest, a horde ripper emerged from shadows, its eyes glinting with hunger. Leaves whispered its name as it hunted souls, leaving only darkness behind.

Full Premade Darksynth Track

Full Premade

Under a blood-red sky, outnumbered and weary, soldiers faced an implacable foe. Fear gripped their hearts as the overwhelming odds cast a shadow of impending doom upon the battlefield.

There Is No Escape Darksynth Track

There Is No Escape

As they run from the looming terror, their fate intertwines with cruelty. The sinister spectre hunts, relentless, ensuring each fleeing step seals their inevitable demise.

Be the Monster Darksynth Track

Be the Monster

As darkness takes hold, the insatiable thirst for power awakens, consuming the soul until one becomes the very nightmare they feared.

Cold Killer Eyes Darksynth Track

Cold Killer Eyes

In the depths of those cold killer eyes, an abyss of darkness lurks, devoid of remorse or humanity. They pierce your soul, foretelling a merciless death that sends shivers down your spine.

Kill Starved Darksynth Track

Kill Starved

The thirst for violence festers, gnawing at their sanity. Restless and ravenous, they prowl, desperate to quench their thirst for destruction. The hour of reckoning draws near.

Peel for Heal Darksynth Track

Peel for Heal

A haunting revelation dawns upon the afflicted. The healer, a vessel of salvation, attracts malevolent forces. Guardians of darkness encroach, thirsting for life's essence. Stand sentinel, or doom befalls both healer and healed.

Target & Destroy Darksynth Track

Target & Destroy

Driven by hatred, we unleash our wrath upon the enemy, their demise our only goal. The battlefield echoes with cries of anguish, as darkness shrouds both victor and vanquished alike.

Darksynth Albums

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Stand in the X Darksynth Album

Target & Destroy

Under the moon's eerie glow, they stalked their prey, eyes glinting with malice. Whispers in the shadows, a sinister plan unfurled—target, destroy, and vanish, leaving only haunting echoes.

Stand in the X Darksynth Album

Stand in the X

The ritual demands sacrifice upon the dreaded "X." A sinister altar awaits, binding souls to an ancient malevolence. Once the dark rite begins, there's no escape from its ghastly embrace.

PvP Cult Darksynth Album

PvP Cult

In the shadows, a PvP cult thrives, drawn to the sinister allure of virtual battles. They revel in bloodshed, worshipping the chaos and power, their allegiance to darkness absolute.