Balance Druid

Balance Druid PvP

PVPXTV loves to play Balance Druid PvP in World of Warcraft PvP videos and live stream of Battlegrounds and WPvP. Enemies are hunted down, destroyed and sacrificed at the WarCult PvP X. Get a build for single target destruction! PVPXTV's balance druid talents, rotation macros, and addons can help you dominate your opponents.



PVPXTV's talents focus on single-target damage to obliterate your enemies.


PVPXTV macros efficiently manage the sequence of spells cast in the heat of battle.


PVPXTV addons will give you a competitive edge in PVP battlegrounds, arenas and WPvP.

Balance Druid Talents
Single target talents are focused on targeted enemy player destruction.

Balance Druid Dragonflight Talents

Copy the loadout code below and import into your talents ui to get single target talents.

Talents Loadout Code

Talent Calculator

Balance Druid Macros

Three macros to help simplify your rotation, by casting a suitable spell in a sequence per press of the macro. The first macro generates astral power, the second macro consumes astral power. The third is for spells with a cooldown for damage boost. Copy them into your macro ui and then drag to your action bar. Adjust to your preference.


Generate Astral Power

The first macro generates astral power with wrath for the second macro, and also casts moonfire and sunfire. The multiple wraths in the sequence are there to ensure the moonfire and sunfire spells are not cast more than necessary. The reset=5 part gives you 5 seconds to be active within the spell sequence, before it auto resets back to start of sequence. Changing target also resets the sequence. The macro is set to execute the individual spells when holding down the alt, ctrl, shift keys (modifiers).

/use [noform:4]Moonkin Form;
/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Moonfire,Sunfire; [modifier:shift]Moonfire,Sunfire; [modifier:alt]Wrath; [nomodifier]reset=5/combat/target Moonfire,Sunfire,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath,Wrath


Consume Astral Power

Consume the astral power generated by the first macro with starsurge. The macro is set to execute starsurge by default, or starfire, moonfire, sunfire when holding down the alt, ctrl, shift keys (modifiers).

/use [noform:4]Moonkin Form;
/castsequence [modifier:ctrl]Moonfire,Sunfire; [modifier:shift]Moonfire,Sunfire; [modifier:alt]Starfire; [nomodifier]Starsurge


Damage Boost

Simplifies your big damage spell rotation, by casting suitable spells in sequence, shortest cooldown first. The starsurges are for damage, but also to prevent capping astral power. The reset=10 part gives you 10 seconds to be active within the spell sequence, before it auto resets back to start of sequence. The boost sequence is on the alt modifier to prevent accidental starting of the damage boost. Mighty bash is the default spell without the alt modifier.

/use [noform:4]Moonkin Form;
/castsequence [modifier:alt]reset=10 Warrior of Elune,Starfire,Starfire,Starfire,Starsurge,Astral Communion,Starsurge,Fury of Elune,Incarnation: Chosen of Elune,Starsurge,Starsurge; [nomodifier] Mighty Bash
  •  If you don't have the same talents as above, you may need to adjust some of the macros.
  •  You'll need to translate the spells to your language if not using the English WoW client.
  •  Moonkin form is in the macros to ensure correct druid form before casting the sequence.
  •  Have a question? Feel free to post a comment on the latest WoW video if you're having difficulty.

Balance Druid Addons

These addons are not druid specific, but were designed by PVPXTV with the druid in mind. Hide NPCs on your minimap, turning it into a useful enemy player radar. Extra kill motivation with the WarCult and Kingdam addons. Vantage helps you maintain optimum position relative to other group members for efficient death dealing. Target and destroy the most targeted enemy player (or NPC) with TopTarget. Highlight nameplates of most combat active enemies for attack, or defend most combat active allies, with TopCombat.

WarCult WoW PvP Addon

WarCult – PvP addon minigame. Get killing blows and cult experience points in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn cult levels and ranks.

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TopTarget WoW PvP Addon

TopTarget – PvP & PvE addon highlights nameplate of your group’s most targeted enemy player or NPC with a red cornered box.

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TopCombat WoW PvP Addon

TopCombat – PvP addon highlights nameplate of enemy/group top damagers to attack/cc or defend/assist.

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Vantage WoW PvP Addon

Vantage – PvP addon for group role status audio visual alerts at a glance during combat.

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Kingdam WoW PvP Addon

Kingdam – PvP addon simple damage meter minigame displays player’s damage percent versus the top damager.

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HideNPC WoW PvP Addon

HideNPC – PvP addon to hide NPC blip icons on the minimap when using track humanoids.

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