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PVPXTV gaming Twitch channel for World of Warcraft gameplay streams. Make sure to follow on Twitch for more gaming content. Join us for a fun group experience with our WoW Discord and get addons for the game.

PVPXTV is the place to be if you’re looking for some serious World of Warcraft fun! On live streams, you’ll see some of the community’s most interesting characters, including a house cat that thinks it’s a lion! Get ready for intense battles, unexpected twists, and some good laughs – come join us on Discord and share the gaming experience with everyone!


Streams – PVPXTV’s main stream game is World of Warcraft, featuring community members and a little cat that imagines it’s a big cat! What he lacks in skill, is made up for in feral ferocity!

Music – Streams end with dark, dystopian, and downtempo electronic music inspired by PvP in videogames. Themes of in-game death, destruction, domination, and cults.

Addons – Streams feature addons created by PVPXTV to enhance your WoW experience.

Community – Victories and random funny moments are best shared with friends. Pick a faction and join us in WoW for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, wargames, and events! Our in-game guilds and communities are all connected through one Discord, so come join the fun!

Rules – Treat everyone respectfully. Sexism, racism and any other form of harm are not tolerated.

News – To stay up-to-date with all the PVPXTV news, follow on Twitter for alerts on new posts.

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