World of Warcraft Story

Vaeyn had an idea to create a community of like minded World of Warcraft players. Choose a faction and join us in WoW for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, wargames, and events. Make friends and PvP as a team on voice chat. Share your victories in YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and on Twitter. Discuss everything PvP in our Discord and subreddits. Battle as a team in unrated or rated battlegrounds. Learn strategy and teamwork, together, as a team! Are you a leader? Lead us to victory! With various ratings, skill, and gear levels, you’ll find suitable partners in our community.

But there was something lurking, lurking in the shadows. Something waiting, watching, biding its time. Something evil.

The community of like minded World of Warcraft players slowly became corrupted. The voice chat became a place for screamed profanities and death threats. The YouTube videos became filled with gloating and taunting. The Twitch streams became places of blood and gore. The Twitter became a battlefield of words. The Discord and subreddits became places of arguments and flames.

The unrated and rated battlegrounds became places of slaughter. There was no strategy, no teamwork. Just an endless cycle of killing and dying. The only thing that mattered was winning. At any cost.

And the leader? The leader became a puppet, a tool, a means to an end. The only thing that mattered to the leader was power. Power over others. Power to make them suffer.

This is what Vaeyn created. This is the community of like minded World of Warcraft players. This is the legacy that Vaeyn left behind.

Don’t worry, it’s only a story. Our community is non-toxic and full of awesome members!

This is a call to all WoW players out there. Join us in our quest to become the best PvP team in the world. We’re looking for like minded players who are dedicated to winning. No matter what faction you’re on, we welcome you to join us.

We’ll be playing WoW battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, and wargames. Our goal is to dominate everything PvP. We’ll be using voice chat to communicate and strategize. And we’ll be sharing our victory videos on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

If you’re a leader, we need you. We need your skill, your strategy, and your dedication to victory. With our various ratings, skill levels, and gear, we’ll be able to take on anything.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today and let’s win together. It’s not a cult.