WoW PvP Community

Choose a faction and join us in WoW for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, wargames, and events. Make friends and PvP as a team on voice chat. Share your victories in YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and on Twitter. Discuss everything PvP in our Discord and subreddits.

PvP Together

Battlegrounds – Battle as a team in unrated or rated battlegrounds. Learn strategy and teamwork, together, as a team! Are you a leader? Lead us to victory!

Arenas – With various ratings, skill, and gear levels, you’ll find suitable partners in our community. Partner up and climb the ranks of 2v2 and 3v3 arena together.

Duels – Demonstrate your prowess or develop your skills in 1v1 combat with our community. Favourite duel spot is inside enemy faction capital cities.

WPvP – Group up and destroy the Horde or Alliance invading our zones. This community has a zero tolerance policy towards Horde and Alliance of any number.

Wargames – The hidden wargame feature in WoW can be used to challenge an opposing group to a PvP instance. Compete against community members in arenas or battlegrounds.

Events – Our guild and community PvP events are great for grinding achievements and enemies, but also social fun with friends and team building.