WoW Discord

Gaming community for World of Warcraft. Choose a faction and join us in WoW for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, wargames, and events. Make friends and PvP as a team on voice chat. Share your victories in YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and on Twitter. Discuss everything PvP in our Discord and subreddits. Our community is primarily for PvP in WoW but all gamers are welcome to join the PVPXTV gaming Discord server.

PvP Together

Battlegrounds – Battle as a team in unrated or rated battlegrounds. Learn strategy and teamwork, together, as a team! Are you a leader? Lead us to victory!

Arenas – With various ratings, skill, and gear levels, you’ll find suitable partners in our community. Partner up and climb the ranks of 2v2 and 3v3 arena together.

Duels – Demonstrate your prowess or develop your skills in 1v1 combat with our community. Favourite duel spot is inside enemy faction capital cities.

WPvP – Group up and destroy the Horde or Alliance invading our zones. This community has a zero tolerance policy towards Horde and Alliance of any number.

Wargames – The hidden wargame feature in WoW can be used to challenge an opposing group to a PvP instance. Compete against community members in arenas or battlegrounds.

Events – Our guild and community PvP events are great for grinding achievements and enemies, but also social fun with friends and team building.

World of Warcraft

The game, also known as ‘WoW’ is a virtual fantasy world where players can create characters of different races, classes and professions and navigate their way through quests and challenges. WoW is free to download and play and has become so popular because of the social aspect, which allows people to connect with others who share their interests. A paid subscription removes WoW starter edition limitations.

Discord – A free chat app that allows gamers to connect and talk about games, share memes, and listen to music together. Our server is a place for gamers to make friends and find partners for group content.

Reddit – Join our subreddits and post your PvP opinions, videos, and screenshots. We have a PVPXTV community subreddit for all things PvP, and another dedicated World PvP subreddit.

Member Channels – Follow our members for community videos, live streams, music, images and tweets.

WoW Guilds – PvP guilds and cross realm communities connected by one Discord server.

Community Addon – Get killing blows and cult experience points in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn levels and ranks in-game.


All experience levels are welcome. The goal is fun! And to learn and grow together as a community.