Synth Music

Synthesizer music created by PVPXTV inspired by gameplay in World of Warcraft and other games. A soundtrack for our community. Follow on Bandcamp to get notified of new releases.

PvP Cult

Depressing instrumental synth music as PvP death cult theme tune. Listen on repeat to get broken down, built up, assimilated, and in the mood for mass destruction (in-game). It’s not a cult but it’s a cult. Join us, together we will destroy each other, and you will riiiise.

Get off the Loop

Live die res repeat.

Brain Tear

A piece of my mind.

Kill the Bots

Before they kill us all.

Knives Only

Meet me in the middle.

Res at GY

Suffer the consequence.

Status is a Number

Who cares, everyone.

They Didn’t Want It

But they got it.


Music created by PVPXTV. Listen on Bandcamp and follow to get notified of new releases.