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OBS Custom Docks

Three custom docks for OBS Studio to enhance your session - Timer, Tasks, Text.
Stay focused with a countdown timer based on the Pomodoro Technique. Add tasks to complete during session. Store temporary text snippets for copy and paste.

Choose one or more docks below, and copy the URL to add to OBS Studio via "Docks > Custom Browser Docks". They will automatically adjust to fit small dock areas. Change the "t" parameter to your preferred OBS theme.

acri dark grey light rachni system yami

Timer Dock

Timer controls are at the top, press the cog then "H" to set countdown hours. Start the timer and it counts down to zero.


Tasks Dock

Enter text in the box at top to add new tasks. Drag tasks to reorder them, click to mark complete, press "X" to delete a task.


Text Dock

Change the "r" parameter from 3 to any two digit number for more or less text rows. Press the copy button to copy text to clipboard.



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