WPvP: The Ultimate Prize

Vaeyn works hard to earn the ultimate prize in WPvP, the salt of his enemy. Which victim will reward Vaeyn with dark whispers?

I love WPvP, it's my favourite form of PvP. Skill, gear, faction balance, and player motivations are all variable in War Mode. That's what's great about it. Anything can happen! WPvP is not about competition, it's about destruction.

Everyone in War Mode has their own approach to WPvP. From avoiding it, to dabbling, to full on destroyer. Self imposed unwritten rules, or no rules. My approach to WPvP is whatever can happen should happen. Skill wise, I am at best average. But I'm an enthusiastic killer! I see an enemy, I want to destroy them.

The ultimate opponents are the ones with fragile egos. The video begins with my first kill in Shadowlands WPvP, an AFKer - always a potential whisperer. No result. Killing my way through Bastion and Maldraxxus as I level, eventually I come across a Priest.

This is it. Time, effort, and patience are required. Eventually the Priest dies, and not for the first time. But this time, Vaeyn receives his reward, the ultimate prize in WPvP. A hate filled whisper, telling me to kill myself irl.

What did I do to deserve this? Simply playing the game as intended. It's funny, they think they are in the right. That I have somehow broken a WPvP rule by killing them, in a game. What rule? I assume they thought their spec would not be attacked, let alone killed. An unwritten rule! I'll attack anything lol. The actual issue, their fragile ego.

Whether you think there are rules in WPvP or not, the fact is, there are none. You want rules? That's a different game. But I will take your salt, it's a badge of honor. I had fun, and was WPvPing for the 'right reasons'.

My search for salt continues. There are multiple strategies to mine that salt. Camping corpses or quest areas, outnumbering, outgearing/levelling, targeting WM PvEers, beating an arena pro, and so on. Sometimes a whisper will happen unexpectedly, a bonus. But to hunt for salt whispers, persistence is the key.

Join Us

The ultimate prize in WPvP is out there, waiting for you. Earn that salt. Group WPvP is the most efficient method of generating whispers. Get that meat grinder churning out kills. Don't be greedy tho, whispers to other group members are fun too! Join us in WoW, we have PvP guilds and communities for both factions.