WPvP, The Snowy Gryphon Show

Our guild WPvP events are usually small scale, but sometimes we combine with other Alliance for an all out attack on Orgrimmar.

There's something special about seeing a long line of Snowy Gryphon mounted Alliance forming up in Stormwind's Valley of Heroes. On our EU realms there's very little in the way of organized World PvP, making this an unusual sight. Feels great to be part of it. Watch our WPvP demo video to get an idea of what it's like.

Orgrimmar Attack

Blizzard removed enemy bases from Shadowlands, which means Orgrimmar is the only viable target for larger scale Alliance WPvP. The great thing about attacking Orgrimmar is, you can choose which realm's Orgrimmar you attack. If you have a large raid it does not matter much. But with a smaller raid, even less than 10 members, you can hold a low pop realm's Orgrimmar for a good period of time. The dream, stay in Orgrimmar and control it for hours!

Join Us

Our weekly WPvP events are great for grinding achievements and enemies, but also social fun with friends and team building. Want to take part? Join one of our guilds or communities and sign up on our Discord. Together, we will destroy our enemies.