WPvP Guilds

Join our WPvP guilds for interfaction war.

Hopping into current expansion zones and killing random players can be fun. It's good to suppress the enemy. But there's something lacking. We will generally not recognize our opponents and never see them again. That means no rivalry, no WPvP community.

Our same realm Horde and Alliance WPvP guilds are designed to correct this.


You'll notice that these guilds are race based. Why? It provides a focus for our WPvP, great for stimulating prejudice and hatred. It's good to have a theme - the other race's extinction.

War Zone: Hellfire Peninsula

Having a specific zone designated as our war zone helps us consistently find our enemies. We ask that you spend most of your time, or down time, or time in queues, in our war zone.

There's a big problem for organic WPvP to happen between two guilds. Sharding. Especially in current expansion zones. The chance of seeing members of your own guild, let alone a specific enemy guild, is pure chance.

That's why a zone with minimal sharding is designated for us to congregate in. Doesn't have to be your hearth, but it's recommended. Needs to be a zone that is easily portalled to, has a convenient summoning stone, and best of all - a WPvP objective.

Hellfire Peninsula - that is our war zone. Older expansion zones will normally be a single shard. We have the towers as WPvP objectives to fight over. Horde and Alliance bases near each other for attack and defence. A nearby portal in Shatrath, and several summoning stones in the zone center. Capital cities and other single shard older zones are easily accessed.

Organic WPvP, that's the goal. For it to happen we must be frequently in the same single shard zone. Instead of chilling in current expansion city, chill in our war zone.

Join Us

We have other guilds in our community that WPvP. They can get involved. And there's other WPvP guilds that might get into it with us. But the priority is our two WPvP guilds, and their mission of wiping each other out. Join us in WoW and on our r/WPvP subreddit.