WPVP: Distribute Raid Across Multiple War Mode Shards

There is no escape, even across multiple War Mode shards.

Want to camp a specific kill spot, but have a WPvP raid and not enough enemies? There might be enough enemies for a party to handle, in other shards. Try distributing your raid as parties in multiple War Mode shards. The objective, maintain a presence in as many shards as possible in the same spot.

Raid distribution to multiple shards is the reverse of my Simulated Raid for War Mode WPvP tip. In that scenario, we wanted multiple parties in the same shard so that they can all see each other, and do their PvP quest effectively as a raid while countering a large number of enemies. This time, we want to distribute our raid across multiple shards in the same spot, when there are fewer enemies.

Why distribute your raid to multiple shards?

  1. You have a good spot for enemy traffic flow on any shard, but your ratio to enemy players in one shard is too high and not fun enough for the raid.
  2. You can't complete PvP quests in a raid, and you get more honor points with less allies nearby.
  3. It burns me up to think of other WM shards being peaceful. For example, a zone like the Maw has a perfect kill spot, the Maw entrance. You can police it in your current shard, make nice skeleton patterns, but what about other shards? Are the enemy just going about their business? Nooooo. Kill them all, in as many shards as you can.

Maximize Distribution

As with Simulated Raid for War Mode WPvP, it takes a little extra effort.

  1. Ungrouped, arrange for everyone to meet at the same spot. For example the Maw entrance.
  2. The players that can't see each other will form parties.
  3. Your group is now distributed across multiple shards. Coordinate via Discord or in-game guild/community chat.

This will work best if you're in a PvP guild or community.