WoW YouTuber

I love making videos for my WoW YouTube channel.

For me WoW is a lot of fun, and if I can entertain one other person with my shenanigans it's worth the effort to make a YouTube video. I'm playing the game anyway, recording always, why not!

My channel will not be to everyone's taste. I focus on PvP, not guides, just playing PvP. Not even rated PvP, right now at least. Or "proper PvP", which is Arena apparently. I'm a BG'er and WPvP'er. And skill? What skill? That narrows down my potential audience.

First and foremost, I want to entertain myself. In WoW, and on YouTube - then hope that it entertains others. I use WoW footage I've recorded that entertained me. That's my criteria. For example, after a battleground, if I have the thought "I had a lot of fun in that bg!" then I am really motivated to make a vid from it.

Ye, fun is subjective I know. What's fun for me is not necessarily gonna be fun for a mass audience. Like I said, I'd make these vids for one viewer... but the more the merrier! As my guilds and communities grow, as more and more members take part, I'm hoping my YouTube channel grows too.

My content should improve over time. I learn something from every video. From the title and thumbnail performance, to the drop off points within the video - the least entertaining parts on average. I pretty much know where drop off is going to happen before I upload it. It's kind of a game to me to try and adjust that drop off.

I love to experiment. It may not be noticeable in the videos. But, for each one I try to do something slightly different, and observe the effect on the audience retention chart. The "what happens if I do this" is a lot of fun to me. Sometimes it make the audience retention worse, sometimes better, the goal is to find the balance of consistent retention and still be fun for me to play WoW and make the videos.

By now I've made hundreds of videos, and I plan on making hundreds more. Check out my WoW YouTube channel, if you like what you see please subscribe.