WoW WPvP - War Mode Food Chain

There's a food chain in War Mode, part of a fun ecosystem for WPvPers.

A common complaint on WoW's War Mode forum is that the bonus 'forces' PvEers into War Mode, when they have no interest in WPvP. And that this somehow devalues their presence in War Mode shards.

However, I think the bonus was designed, not just to help with participation and faction balance, but was also a deliberate decision by Blizzard to make War Mode WPvP more diverse in skill levels. Which is necessary for all WPvPers to have fun, not just the over geared or Arena pros.

Every WPvPer needs someone they can beat in a fight, for it to be fun for them. PvEers in War Mode fill the lower end of a wide spectrum of PvP skill levels among players. With their presence, ALL WPvPers have SOMEONE that they can kill, or at least experience a close fight. There is a food chain in War Mode.

  1. PvEers prey on NPCs.
  2. Low skilled WPvPers prey on the PvEers.
  3. Mid skilled WPvPers prey on the low skilled WPvPers and the PvEers.
  4. High skilled WPvPers prey on the mid/low skilled WPvPers and the PvEers.
  5. High geared players prey on them all.

The example WPvP video demonstrates the relationship between 1 and 2 in this food chain. The victims are there to PvE, yet the 'defender' in the video has a great time trying to kill them. It does not always work out, yet the player gets the feeling of either a close win or loss, which is fun!

The War Mode bonus is necessary, for several reasons, but the ecosystem it helps create is part of what makes War Mode so fun. If the War Mode bonus was removed, not only would the region faction balance worsen, ecosystems are delicate - one change can cause a ripple effect. Without 1, you risk losing 2 in War Mode. Without 2, you risk losing 3, without 3 you risk losing 4, and without 4 you risk... ah never mind 5.

Add variable number of opponents to the mix, and with War Mode we have a rich target environment. If you love group PvP, join our dual faction PvP community.