WoW War Mode = Chaos

You can divide War Moders into two types, and the type you are dictates your opinion of War Mode. Which type are you?

Type 1: Chaos Lover

Appreciates words like: chaos, rampage, carnage, killing spree, murderize, gank, camp, raid, randomness, no rules.

Accepts War Mode 'flaws' like sharding, phasing, and outnumbered as being part of the chaos. It's not about defending or loving these 'flaws', it's acceptance.

Type 2: Chaos Hater

Appreciates words like: bonus, reward, equality, fairness, balance, stability, ethics, rules.

Hates War Mode 'flaws' like sharding, phasing, and being outnumbered - because it conflicts with their preference for fairness and stability.

War Mode = Chaos

War Mode is designed for the chaos lover, fact. WPvP has always been chaos. There's just more of it in Battle for Azeroth. Awesome!

If you are a chaos hater and turn on War Mode, you are in our world. Love it or leave it :)