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My 300th Vaeyn video - you'd think I'd have some skills by now! Anyway, here I'm having fun in Twin Peaks battleground. I don't do much damage, I make mistakes, die a lot, but I love PvP.

This battleground was really fun, the close ones are awesome. Things initially look bad, but if you keep pushing, have a great healer, a team that is cooperating - you can win. Never give up, you can do it!

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Visit my YouTube channel for hundreds of WoW videos. Mostly battlegrounds and world PvP, and lots of Feral Druid. Yes, there's a slight Druid bias on my channel. My plan is to broaden the content with more classes and guides. But, I just love playing my Feral Druid too much. Hey I'll get there.

WoW Videos

WoW Video Testing

I'm continuing to experiment with my WoW videos. I had been trying out the concept of heavy editing and a looped soundtrack in a few vids. That worked okay on this first video in that sequence, but the subsequent four videos had disappointing audience retention - I was aiming for above average throughout each vid.

However, those videos did have consistent CTR and reasonable views (for my channel). That's positive and a step in the right direction.

This video Vaeyn 300 was posted on Reddit, gaining extra views. Subtract that and its views would have been about the same as the subsequent vids.

For the next several videos, starting from Vaeyn 305, I'll continue with a similar thumbnail style and try a different title strategy. The looped music will be dropped, with only a brief few seconds of intro and outro music instead. Except WPvP vids, which might sparingly include "normal" music from my licensed music library.

I'm going to go back to longer videos, with lighter editing on battleground videos, and a more varied compilation in WPvP videos. We'll see what happens with that strat. My goal is good average retention and/or 5+ minutes average watch time. Which should mean the vids are more broadly entertaining, in theory.

Voice chat will play a larger role. I mostly dropped it from the previous videos while trying out the looped music. I think voice works better, I just wanted to try the music out. We'll see how that goes, I have a few videos to publish this week.

Prepatch WoW Videos

I had some nice battleground and WPvP footage from the Shadowlands prepatch, and really wanted to get it on my YouTube channel soon as possible. This week, do it!

Normally I would space video publishing out more. But because it's prepatch content, and we are now into the actual expansion, just get it up there. Newly recorded footage from now will all be within the actual expansion.

Shadowlands WoW Videos

I already recorded some nice 1v1 WPvP in the early stages of the campaign questing. It was a lot of fun and I was kinda relieved that it went so well. Gonna record more of that as I progress to level 60.

What I really look forward to though is the battlegrounds. I have so far only done one bg in Shadowlands because I gotta do the PvE campaign. But that one bg gave me good hope for my Shadowlands PvP. Was real fun.

Rated battlegrounds should be the direction I go in for Shadowlands. Now that there's a PvP vendor, I have motivation to grind rated. And PvPing with my community is just going to get better and better.

Broadening My Content

Yep, things are looking good for Shadowlands fun-wise. I've realized however that my YouTube channel is limited in its potential audience. There's probably a relatively small number of viewers interested in an average WoW player PvPing.

I'm thinking about broadening my content. More guides for example. Difficult to make PvP guides, since I am average at best. But there are other kinds of guides, and there's potential for good views there.

And what about venturing into vodcasting. Both WoW and non-WoW content. I have plenty of ideas, but is there an audience? I don't know, yet I'm looking forward to doing some video experiments!

In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel PVPXTV. Maybe my recent videos are more entertaining by now.