WoW Twitch Streamers

We have an official Twitch channel and also community members with their own streams. If you love group PvP, join our WoW community whether you stream or not. All levels and experience are welcome.


Streaming battlegrounds and world PvP with guild and community members. See suggested channels for community member streams!

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Twitch Community

Do you have a WoW Twitch stream? Be part of our dual faction in-game community, participate together, and add value to your stream via group gameplay and voice chat.

If your Twitch channel is suitable it may be featured on the PVPXTV Twitch channel's suggested channels list, and be hosted by PVPXTV when it's offline. Reciprocal promo of the PVPXTV Twitch channel or suggested streamers is not required - but could help build our channels as part of a community networking effort.

This is not a follow for follow scheme. Any cross promotion can be as passive or aggressive as you decide, within Twitch rules.

Join Us

You can be a part of our Twitch community. Join our WoW PvP community and stream with us. Or join anyway if you don't stream. Horde or Alliance, all welcome!