WoW Twitch Streamer

Becoming a Twitch streamer is 100% happening. Yet, I don't have Twitch capable internet at this time. It's on the horizon, or rather building up in low earth orbit. Follow me on Twitch now and get notified when I go live. For stream announcements (and stuff) I suggest follow me on Twitter as well.

I love open world non-linear games, where anything can happen. My fav game is World of Warcraft and it's perfect for Twitch streaming. It has great activity variety, always something going on solo or grouped. I dabble in other games like GTA V, but WoW will be my main stream game.

I'm a PvPer, not the best, not the worst. Somewhere in the middle, room for improvement. I make up for that by being a very enthusiastic killer. I like being the underdog(cat). On my Twitch channel, all forms of PvP will be streamed: WPvP, battlegrounds, arenas, duels.

Organized PvP will be a feature. To achieve this, I created both Alliance and Horde PvP guilds and communities. That will make it easier to arrange cross faction events. Our Alliance guild is growing nicely, the Horde one is early stages. Getting there.

World PvP

This will be a big part of my Twitch stream, in between battlegrounds or as dedicated sessions. I'm often in a Battleground queue, WPvPing while waiting for the queue to pop will keep the stream active.

WPvP can be controversial. There's an infinite number of unwritten rules, strange RP ethics, and plenty of love/apathy/hate towards it. I love WPvP! My approach is, kill em all. Irl I have lots of empathy, but in WPvP I have zero empathy. For me, WPvP is no rules chaos and I will (try to) kill any player in my path. If it's red it's dead.

I XvX, because I like variety. Although my policy is "kill em all", I don't just want to gank all the time. XvX means 1vX, Xv1, and everything in between. I do enjoy a good chase - a 1v1 between relatively equal geared players can be memorable, especially when fought across half a zone. No escape!

Lots of potential for organized WPvP between my Alliance and Horde guilds. Competitive tower capture, city attack/defence, meat grinder - together we will destroy each other.

Battlegrounds & Arenas

I'll also stream instanced PvP. I'm competitive, I want to win. Until recently I've mostly done unrated, expanding to rated now as our guild grows. I like both. My goal for unrated is win streaks. Rated goal is, get to the top. Gotta have goals!

Playing with random players can be disorganized fun, but what I also want is organized community PvP. Playing with and against the same members on a regular basis. Wargames, teams formed via our community. Alliance v Horde, Alliance v Alliance, Horde v Horde.

Don't forget dueling. As with WPvP, this can be a fun thing to do between Battlegrounds or in dedicated sessions. One of my ambitions is to control the enemy's main duel spot, and duel there for as long as possible. Maybe even use the inside of their capital city as a duel spot.


This might be my fav aspect of WoW - the potential for randomness. When I log on to WoW, unless it's reset day or an event, I normally have no clear plan. I want to just see what happens, and something always does.

Repeatable activities mixed with random. That's what I find entertaining. I hope you do too. I want to stream, but for now, here are a few videos from my YouTube channel to give you an idea of the type of content I'll stream on Twitch.

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