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Looking for a WoW streamer? I'll be streaming primarily WoW, but other games too. Follow me now and get notified when I go live on Twitch.

My goal is a quality stream, with something always happening, plenty of banter, relaxed atmosphere, and random funny moments.

I mostly PvP, hence the channel name, and am in progress levelling a character for every class in battlegrounds. Lots of chance for random moments in World PvP or duels between bgs, and sometimes in the bgs themselves. Wait for it... wait for it... RANDOM MOMENT!

To mix things up a bit, I am GM of not one guild, not two or three, but four guilds! AND four communities with same name. I don't lack ambition hehe. Why so many? It's about increasing opportunity to meet fun people and get them interacting = more randomness. All under the umbrella of the PVPXTV WoW Community.

So there should be variety in my WoW stream - different characters, guilds, people, situations.

Currently I'm building up artwork and transition clips. I made a channel trailer for unsubscribed viewers on my YouTube channel. This or a modified version will be the intro for my Twitch streams, and cut into segments for transitions. It features our community theme tune, "Fighting Spirit" by Wojciech Panufnik. I bought a license, so hopefully no rights issues. That and other licensed music I've purchased can be played in transitions.

Also working on a new website that will be more stream focused.

In the meantime, check out my videos on YouTube to get a feel for my content. You can follow me on Twitch now, you'll be notified when I go live.