WoW Streamer

I would love to Twitch stream my WoW shenanigans.

But I'm still in the dark ages of copper wire phone lines. Hundred year old tech! I am waiting, patiently for either fiber or Starlink, whichever I can connect to first.

The video for this post is kind of a stream simulation I guess. Me on cam doing what I do in WoW. Ye I don't say much in the vid, that's actually something I will have to learn to do. Talking self is hard! But when I have a live audience, even if that's just one viewer, should be easier.

Also, in other vids, when I'm on voice chat - well plenty of chat then. I don't think it will be a problem. The issue will be, finding my audience. I know... starting a stream can be really tough. Gigantic competition, combined with my niche content.

The way I look at it, I'm playing the game and having fun anyway, making videos for my YouTube channel, why not stream it. I'd love to stream NOW. Can't. However, I made myself feel a little better when I realized, I have time work on everything except the stream.

Mainly building up my community. It's people that make WoW fun for me. I never used to consider myself social, but I've come to realize I'm a social PvPer. And people, interacting with them, joking around, having fun, that will be an important part of my future Twitch stream. I want a great community in WoW anyway, love it!

My goal is fun, my fun. I am going to stream me just having fun. And hope it entertains 1+ viewers! The dream, is within my community, to have other members stream WoW and make videos too. A network, helping each other, promoting each other, and hey, I'll promo on here too!

Well, I can't stream just yet. Gaining followers on my Twitch channel at this stage is a tough situation, I don't even stream. But, if I can build up some followers, I can hope that by the time I AM able to stream, I'll have at least one viewer hehe. If you want, follow me on Twitch now, when I go live, who knows!

Check out my YouTube channel in the meantime, see if you'd be interested in watching a live stream of that content.