WoW RBG Community Ambition

When our PvP community was formed at start of Battle for Azeroth I had an ambition, in Shadowlands we achieved that ambition: An RBG section of our community with multiple teams pushing rating.

I don't RBG myself, I just mash buttons. Filthy casual! But I really appreciate our RBG teams efforts and look forward to seeing them progress in Shadowlands season 2.

During BfA, having several RBG teams on the go was just a dream. We are a general PvP community, and back then tried to get RBGs happening. It was very difficult within BfA. When the Shadowlands expansion arrived, there was a surge in membership and interest in rated battlegrounds.

It took much effort, and thanks to community leaders and members that took part, we now have multiple RBG teams. Shadowlands season 1 was about getting that started and ensuring it continued. Now as season 2 draws near, it'll be about pushing rating.

That's awesome, we achieved an ambition for the community! However, as soon as one ambition realized, time to move on to the next ambition and maintain forward progress.

Shadowlands Expansion RBG Ambitions

For the rest of SL we will consolidate and grow.

  1. Alliance - Looking good, nice organic growth. We have several teams and leaders to lead them. That's critical, because multiple teams and leaders ensures continuation if one should disband. Keep it going.
  2. Horde - Not good right now, very little interest at this stage, despite massive interest at start of SL. We failed to capitalize on that. Before next expansion, I want Horde to have more than one RBG team, so that when expansion arrives we hit the ground running.

Next Expansion RBG Ambitions

It's the next expansion where we'll likely see another leap in growth like we had at start of Shadowlands.

  1. Both factions active - This is a dual faction community, yet the Horde side is currently mostly inactive. Horde are way behind the Alliance in our community. Next time there's a surge in RBG interest, it must be capitalized on for Horde. At minimum get Horde elevated to where the Alliance are now in SL: multiple active teams.
  2. Streamer community - Establish a streamer segment of our community, which can more likely happen when the community grows bigger. Then there's potential for streamer promotion building things up even more.
  3. Guild teams - Our guilds are important to some, but I don't see them as having the level of prestige I want: ADF/HDF multi-realm guild RBG teams! Imo the guilds don't need to be big individually, yet at least eventually have a core set of members that RBG and appreciate the guild tags.
  4. Pushing rating - For RBG teams, of course the ultimate goal is push as high as can be reached. High rating teams would be great for the community.
  5. Become "known" - That's the holy grail for a community! I think won't happen until the first four ambitions are achieved. Once you are known, you get an increase in growth that does not rely on expansion releases.

Join Us

We have in-game guilds and communities, but it's our Discord that really forms the hub of the community. Join us on Discord and choose your faction(s). As stated above, the Alliance side is currently way more active than the Horde side. Join Alliance for active RBG community now. Or join Horde to help us establish a Horde RBG community.