WoW Rated Battlegrounds Community

Struggling to push RBG rating in group finder? Try joining a PvP community instead. It may take longer and require more patience to get rolling in a community, LfG is quick to get started, but the long term benefits of community really pay off.

PVPXTV is a dual faction PvP community for Horde and Alliance, with regular weekly PvP events. We are looking for members of all experience and rating for group PvP.

What Works

Taking part in our Discord events is the way to go. We have low CR entry level team building RBG events. Use a low CR alt if you want. The important thing at this stage is getting to know people, and playing regularly with them. Then, join or form a team, and pushing rating can begin. Patience is required, but if you form your own team, you are in control.

Doesn't Work

A community is for sure not an LfG and should not be treated that way. We see members in chat pasting their CR and expecting a group invite. Asking for people to join your existing group may work. However, spamming in our chat is not the way to go. Taking part in events is. Rating pushing teams form out of events.

Team Building

I'm Vaeyn/Slaeyn, the GM of this community. I myself am a low CR noob, but I'm keen to get stable RBG teams established. At time of writing, our Alliance community have a rating pushing team, and I'm hoping to get a second team going. Our Horde community started doing RBG events later and are at a slightly earlier stage than the Alliance community. They too are having successful events and I'm looking forward to a team forming there as well.

If you don't want the trouble of joining or forming an RBG team, pugging is your choice, and accept the downsides. There's pros and cons to both situations. But since there is no solo queue, and may never be, there are only the current choices.

  1. Pug and hope.
  2. Join a PvP community and build team.