WoW Rated Battleground Teams

Our rated battleground teams plan has been altered.

Just like with the realization I was making our Discord to complex and needed simplifying, I realized our RBG teams system was too complex.

Old RBG Teams System

As with Discord channels, I had wanted lots of RBG teams. Dreamed of community 10 v 10 wargames and tournaments. That was too complex and eventually all our teams shrank and collapsed. Partly because team leaders were lost and no replacement leaders took over. The team chat being divided into multiple private channels per team and faction may have helped teams to wither. Have to learn from this and adapt for next teams.

New RBG Team System

There'll now be two official RBG teams, one per faction. Even though at the start of an expansion there's enough interest to form multiple RBG teams, that interest wanes across a season. One team per faction will be more stable. Both teams have one chat and one events channel, visible to all WoW role members.

  1. Multiple leaders per team, with one primary leader. A single leader can get burned out or lose interest, quit, and collapse the team. If one leader quits, more chance that another leader takes over seamlessly.
  2. Team members are compressed into one RBG team per faction, instead of diluted across multiple teams. For the best chance to succeed, we need the most proactive, skilled, geared, experienced, and committed members in one team.
  3. The primary team leader decides the participants from a larger pool of team members than before. Rotating them as needed. Lack of team event signups can collapse a team. Having 15+ team members should consistently fill an event.
  4. A single set of public team chat and event channels for both teams increases recruitment opportunity in the community. Over time, team leaders and members inevitably drop out. Ongoing recruitment must replenish those lost.

PVPXTV community RBG teams pushing rating is the goal, and hopefully with this new system our two teams will complete a season and push. Sign up for an RBG team on our Discord.