WoW PvP Videos

For each PvP video on my WoW YouTube Channel, I try to experiment a little and look for improvements over previous videos.

In this V288 video, I think it's the first time I put two battlegrounds into one vid. That seemed to work to an extent, average retention, but the bgs are a bit unusual - a fast win in Temple of Kotmogu and a single fight at stables in Arathi Basin.

The goal for my WoW PvP videos is good average retention for all vids going forward. I talked more about that in my WoW YouTube Videos post. Not easy to accomplish, the V294 video I referenced in that post performed worse than I had hoped. Part of the issue was that I promoted it on Reddit, which got me higher views and watch time, with lower retention. But ultimately, the V294 video just wasn't interesting enough on YouTube.

In V294, some of that is down to the footage I chose, the editing, the music, my (lack of) skills, the title, and possibly just impatience with this type of content. Yet I have gotten good retention on other videos. The difficulty is duplicating that deliberately in the next video, rather than it just happening by happy coincidence.

I am pretty stubborn, I just want to make vids of what I do in WoW, which is mostly random battlegrounds. Small niche I guess. However, for the people that are interested, I want to make the best videos for them that I can. So I keep experimenting. What will make them want to watch more of the video, with the footage that I have available.

Next experiment, V295 will again be two battlegrounds in one vid like with V288. First bg - no music, tight editing, shortened a lot. The second bg - music, slightly less tight editing, and a bg that I don't normally make vids on. So it's a similar structure to the V288 video on this post, except without the cam and middle clips segment, and more straightforward battlegrounds.

If you want to watch more of my vids, head on over to my PVPXTV YouTube channel. Data can only tell me so much, viewer comments are very helpful. Maybe leave some feedback. Would be much appreciated! PvP skill-wise, I might not get any better - but let me know what you want to see in WoW PvP videos. Probably skill. Damn.