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Vaeyn here. I make WoW PvP videos on YouTube. My main is an Alliance Feral Druid, so that character features heavily.

The YouTube PvP videos focus on... PvP, PvP, oh ye and PvP. That's all I do in WoW, if I can help it. Favourite content in World of Warcraft is battlegrounds, usually with some WPvP in between. But I've also been known to do some arenas and duels now and again. I also love, random stuff!

These PvP videos are just me having fun in World of Warcraft. I especially enjoy taking on higher geared opponents 1v1 in World PvP. I love to think about their over confidence nose-diving. If I make the right moves, and they let me! Messing with slightly lower geared opponents 1v1 or 1v2 is also fun (to me), kinda like playing with my food :)

I take part in PvP guild and community group PvP. Mostly battlegrounds and WPvP. My policy is kill them all, and a PvP group makes for an efficient killing machine. Co-op is not always easy, but we are working on it!

YouTube Community

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