WoW PvP on Twitch

Follow PVPXTV on Twitch for WoW PvP streaming. Twitch channel for our community. If you're in our community and have a Twitch channel for WoW, let me know and I'll feature your channel if suitable.

Twitch Streamer

Vaeyn here. Follow our WoW PvP Twitch channel and get notified when I go live. If you watch my WoW PvP videos on YouTube, you'll get some idea of the kind of content I'll stream on Twitch. PvP... PvP, and then some PvP.

The PvP stream will consist mostly of just what I get up to in WoW. Spamming battlegrounds, with WPvP in between, or sometimes a longer WPvP session, maybe some arena or duels. I love 1v1 in the open world, and trying to 1v2. Sometimes works out. I will likely always have lower gear, and it's fun (for me) to fight higher geared players. Good practice too.

My favourite is when random stuff happens. Usually during a WoW session, something just random and funny (to me) happens and it puts a smile on my face. I hope that comes across on the stream. Me having fun solo or with our PvP guild, and whoever wants to tag along is welcome to watch.

Twitch Community

The ultimate goal is to build up a community of WoW PvP content creators. It's very early days, but you can be part of our Twitch community now. Add value to your stream via group gameplay and voice chat. Promote the community as passively or aggressively as you choose, within Twitch rules.

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