WoW PvP on Reddit

Join r/PVPXTV on Reddit for WoW PvP discussion. Subreddit for our community. Whether you're a member of our in-game guilds and communities or not, be part of our PvP community. Post your PvP vids, pics, opinions, anything PvP.

This is a new subreddit, will take time to get it going. There's already PvP subreddits out there, but this one is based around our community.

We have Discord for voice and text chat, Reddit is our discussion forum and a place to post longer content. For example, post a guide on Reddit, and link to it from a Discord text message.

I've added some initial content, and I realize the difficulty in getting a new subreddit going, but I hope eventually it will become an active part of our community.

For dedicated WPvPers, join our r/WPvP Subreddit. Get more WoW PvP content on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.