WoW PvP on Discord

Join PVPXTV on Discord for text and voice chat on our European WoW guilds and communities.

This server is primarily for our WoW guilds and communities - but all gamers that PvP in WoW (or other PvP games) are welcome to join for text and voice chat.

Complete the instructions to join our PvP community Discord. For new users, channels are hidden until you've completed the setup instructions.

Our channels are divided into categories for WoW, other games, and community channels. You may unlock other channels over time. We prefer that you use our Discord rather than in-game voice chat, unless no choice. 

Several Discord bots help make your time in our server more convenient. MEE6 bot for moderation and leveling, an events bot, group vc bot, and a music bot (muteable).

Join us on Discord now, it's quick and easy. Get more WoW PvP content on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.