WoW PvP Nameplate Targeting Addon

TopTarget: PvP addon that highlights the nameplate of your group's most targeted enemy player.

After many years using CurseForge, feels good to get my new and first addon for World of Warcraft listed on there. TopTarget is for WoW retail battlegrounds, arena and world PvP.

Get TopTarget Addon

Watch the demo video to see how it works. TopTarget is the red cornered box on enemy nameplate. See video description for other nameplate addons used, or images with other addons disabled.

With this first release, it's doing a very basic thing. The enemy player with most friendlies targeting gets the highlight box on nameplate. It's left up to the player to make the decisions on what to do with that information.

You must be grouped in party or raid, and within range of group members and enemies. Requires nameplates enabled in WoW Interface > Game > Names.

The addon is not continuously checking nameplates (makes it ultra lightweight) and some more refinement needed on how it decides top target in certain situations. Future releases will optimize and add more features.

I've already had great feedback suggestions, and if you have any let me know. Found a problem with the addon? Let me know that too!