We need you for dual faction WoW PvP. All experience levels are welcome to join our World of Warcraft guilds and communities.

PVPXTV is a community for PvP in WoW. Multiple guilds on several realms, a cross realm community per guild with same name, and one Discord to unify them.

Join us for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, world PvP, wargames, and events. Whether you are new to WoW, casual, or a seasoned veteran, this community is for you. Take part in our events and make friends, form a team, push rating. Most importantly, have fun.

This community is primarily for WoW Retail, but our Discord has dedicated channels for both WoW Classic and Retail.

Outside of WoW, watch yourself in action on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Join the discussion on our Twitter and Reddit. Chat on Discord.

Group PvP in all its forms is waiting for you. Horde or Alliance, new player, casual, pro, doesn't matter. There's PvP for you here.


Ready to join? It's easy. Choose a guild and/or community, sign up on our Discord, start a PvP party, kill em all! To get the full experience, join our YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Reddit as well. See you in World of Warcraft for WoW PvP.