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I was looking back at an older blog post from BfA era, where I stated the Alliance Defence Force (ADF) community goals. It's cool to read those goals, and realize... we've achieved them!

ADF has consistent general PvP activity among a small but good percentage of the membership, it has a core set of active members that PvP together on a regular basis, and an official rated battlegrounds team. Actually three RBG teams are on the go. Feels good to achieve that, well done ADF!

In Shadowlands, as the original and still core part of the PVPXTV community, ADF has grown steadily and I'm happy with progress. During BfA, I wanted ADF to have an enemy in the game, and so Horde Defence Force (HDF) was born. Unfortunately most community members are not too aware that there's both an ADF and HDF, and HDF is currently a lot less active. Correcting both of those issues is on my todo list.

Two new guilds and communities with a WPvP theme are still just starting out. The Night Reign (TNR) and The Blood Reign (TBR). Recruiting has been slow, but a spark of progress has begun for TNR. Whereas ADF and HDF are general PvP and quite easy to recruit for, TNR and TBR are ultra niche, much harder to recruit. Working on it.

So that's four guilds and four communities. I'll have to stop at four guilds, that's enough to gm. However, I still want to BUILD. I am on the look out for other guilds to bring them into the fold, or for a community member to create their own new guild that will integrate with us. Gotta have ambition, it's the game for me!


Time to set new goals. It's all about growth feeding recruitment and participation. Once achieved, I'll raise the bar again. Some of these goals are gonna be harder than others to achieve. We can do it!

  1. Alliance Defence Force: Existing three RBG teams pushing high rating, and competing with each other for top community rating. Form more RBG teams. Increase participation to multiple community PvP groups frequently active at the same time in Discord.
  2. Horde Defence Force: Form the first HDF RBG team and then more teams. Get social and PvP participation levels on par with Alliance Defence Force.
  3. The Night Reign: Establish a core membership and WPvP activity.
  4. The Blood Reign: Recruit an officer, and establish a core membership and WPvP activity.
  5. Cross Guild/Community Activity: Establish regular cross guild/community events to maintain inter-faction rivalry and destruction.
  6. Other Guilds: Recruit other PvP guilds as official PVPXTV community guilds, integrating them with our Discord for cross guild PvP.
  7. Discord: Become Discord partner and also get listed in the Discord community finder. At time of writing, we are almost eligible to apply for partner, but not community finder. That will require 7000+ members (currently we are 600). Expand Discord to other PvP games, while maintaining WoW as the focus with its own dedicated channels. Increase participation to several voice chat groups frequently active at same time, and main text channels being used regularly.
  8. YouTube: Get the PVPXTV channel to the monetization stage, however no plans to monetize when stage reached. It's a milestone. Currently less than 50% achieved. Experiment with video content to increase subs and watch time. Network with other YouTubers and grow our channels.
  9. Twitch: Internet limitation means no PVPXTV stream yet. The main goal is simply to get to the stage where streaming is possible. Estimate for stream start is last quarter of 2021. Then network with other streamers and grow our channels, getting performance at minimum on par with the PVPXTV YouTube channel. Until it's tried, no way to know if Twitch will help community growth. But the plan is to make Twitch the cornerstone of the out-game community, driving growth across the network through popularity. That could take years, or never happen... can only try!
  10. Twitter: Reach the 500 followers milestone (less than 50% achieved) and use Twitter to interact with and help grow the community.
  11. Reddit: Tough nut to crack. Current goal is very simple, get one or two active members on our subreddit. Then build up to the point where it can serve and grow the community.
  12. Website: Redesign this website with a focus on streaming, assuming Goal 9 Twitch is achieved! It currently places well for some relevant searches, but search volume is low. Need to push the site up search results for high volume searches as a priority for future growth, preferably before streaming starts. On the website, and across all the network, improve content quality and focus.

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