WoW PvP Guild Event - Orgrimmar

When Alliance Defence Force arrive for a clean up operation, Horde flee their capital city in terror.

While waiting for Horde Defence Force to show up in Redridge (they didn't), Alliance Defence Force started their WPvP event by destroying a Horde lowbie ganker that had terrorized Redridge for hours apparently.

With Redridge safe, ADF decided that Uldum needed defending, and then the Horde's capital city needed a clean up. Too many Horde in Orgrimmar. The goal, kill them all. Not an easy task. What ADF didn't expect, was for Horde to do everything possible to ESCAPE THEIR OWN CITY. This made it difficult for ADF to maximize kills.

Eventually Horde retaliated, however by that time ADF were ready for the next challenge. Defence of the Stormsong assault, helping poor innocent Alliance complete their assault quests in peace. At the end of their WPvP event, ADF had killed more than 300 evil Horde. It's never enough, always more to kill. But at least one attendee received the highest reward possible in WPvP. A lengthy rage whisper!

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