WoW PvP Discord - Shadowlands 9.1

Looking forward to the next WoW patch and made several improvements to our Discord for it.

More changes, why? Goal was to streamline the process for new member sign-up, add new features for active members, general improvements to make the server easier to use. Hoping to see the benefits when the anticipated mini-surge of PvP interest arrives for 9.1 Chains of Domination. Before that, there's time to bed in the Discord changes below.

Dual Faction

Possibly the biggest change, is that you can now see the channels for both factions, if you choose to do so. In the past the idea was to keep them separate, and the !join faction commands enforced that. Yet, you could switch between them. Why not just allow you to choose one or both. That's what I thought. See further down for setup.

If you're concerned about voice chat interference, see the voice chat commands you can use to manage your group voice channel.

New Events Bot

Apollo is out, Raid Helper is in. RH has some great features, and has already proven a worthy investment. The second bot I've purchased for the server, after buying the wonderful MEE6.

New Roles

I wasn't going to add any more roles to the server, then I added a million roles.

  • Elite - automatically assigned at MEE6 level 40, or bought from the MEE6 economy shop channel. It unlocks private elite channels, customization, and suggestion voting. Positioned at top of member list. Immune to the dread MEE6 auto-moderator.
  • Elite Supreme - automatically assigned at MEE6 level 80, or bought from the MEE6 economy shop channel. It unlocks a private channel within our elite channels category. Positioned above elites in the member list. Immune to the dread MEE6 auto-moderator.
  • Colours - elite members can self-assign a colour role, making their names stand out in chat and member list.
  • Interests - a set of self-assigned roles for member PvP areas of interest.
  • Prestige - a set of earned roles for members to collect and show off.

Removed Roles

After an overhaul of channel permissions, didn't need these roles.

  • Guest - there are no guests, only members.
  • Member - everyone is a member, don't need a role for it.

Setup Channels

When a new member first joins, they only see the faction and help channels. After faction assignment the relevant channels are unlocked. Previously, all of the setup channels were hidden after faction assignment. Now the setup channels are always visible, so that a member can change their roles any time.

Removed the !join-xyz role commands and replaced with reaction role messages in dedicated channels. Which means commands channel removed. Added interests and colours channels for the new roles selection.

  • Faction - existing channel for all members, renamed from instructions. Select the Alliance or Horde faction. Or both.
  • Interests - new channel for faction assigned members. Select one or more roles that categorize your WoW PvP interests.
  • Colours - new channel for elite members. Stand out from the crowd, select one of up to 20 colours for your name.
  • Guild - new channel for faction assigned members. Select one or more guilds that you are either in or are just interested in seeing their channels. Even if you didn't assign that guild's faction, you can still see its guild channel.
  • Help - existing channel for all members. Need help getting set up? Let us know here.

Info Channels

Moved the updates (renamed to news), links, and rules channels from community to a new info category at bottom of channel list. Going forward, will keep the community category for useable channels, rather than these informational type channels.

  • News - the latest news for PVPXTV.
  • Links - all the PVPXTV community links.
  • Rules - important rules for all members.

WoW Channels

Moved these channels to the top of the channel list, since they are the most active channels. And added a new channel to the WoW retail categories.

  • LfG - a new channel dedicated to finding your PvP partners.

Community Channels

These general purpose channels are not used as much. So yeah, moved them further down the channel list where they logically belong. I realize there's a lot of channels. I've tried to only have useful channels, but keep in mind you can mute/hide channels that don't interest you. Will likely only add new community channels if there's demand.

  • Events - the unused community events channel has been repurposed to display a summarized list of all upcoming faction events.

Suggestion System

Added a new suggestion bot. This may not get used much, as with the polls bot. I think it's good to have a feedback system in place tho, so that if needed it's there.

Get details on how to make suggestions for our Discord. What happens next? Your suggestion gets sent to a private channel for review by our elite members. They can discuss and vote on your suggestion. Server owner (me) will then approve or reject the suggestion. Note that voting is only for influence, and the owner's decision is final. And just because a suggestion is approved, does not mean it will be implemented exactly as suggested or at all.

Your suggestions are appreciated regardless of accepted or not. Feedback from members has led to features on the server that I'm really happy with. Things I would not have thought of, or maybe not been motivated to do unless prompted.

Fixed Invite Error

I thought I'd fixed our Discord invite error that some were getting. Turns out I had not. Until now! I finally found and fixed the problem, and it had been there a very long time.

The situation: I usually give out https://pvpx.tv/dsc as our Discord info page. It's a nice short link, easy to remember, and has all instructions needed to sign up on our Discord.

The problem: It never occurred to me that anyone would think https://pvpx.tv/dsc was a Discord invite code and use all or part of it in add server. It's not a Discord invite code, and therefore can't be used to sign up.

The solution: I reworded all text I use when handing out our Discord info, specifically stating that the link is for instructions to sign up on Discord.

Join Us

Want to join our WoW PvP Discord server? Go to our Discord sign up INSTRUCTIONS page and follow the INSTRUCTIONS.