WoW PvP Discord Refinement - SL 9.1

After gradually getting more complex during BfA and Shadowlands, our Discord is now made simpler in SL 9.1. The goal is streamlined recruitment and avoidance of overwhelming new members, while step by step unlocking extra channels for active members over time as they use the Discord.

Shadowlands 9.1

The initial release of Shadowlands and for a few months after, was a period of growth for our community. That growth has tailed off in SL 9.1, but it was a great test of the Discord's setup. In the beginning, I was keen to add more and more features and channels. I probably had to get that out of my system. It turns out was not very good setup. Now, a simpler more streamlined Discord is the goal. That's meant a big reduction in the number of channels - dropping the less used, redundant, duplicated ones. The removal of a lot of the roles that had little interest and only added complexity. And getting rid of our challenge system, that seemed a nice idea on paper, yet without any interest. Now it's about refinement, streamline, simplification, features that get used.

Streamlining For New Members

Made some behind the scenes changes that won't really affect existing members, but hopefully streamlines for new members. WoW has been de-emphasized, though it's still the server's primary game. The idea is, a new member will perceive WoW as our main game if they select the WoW role, and if not, the server will appear to them as a general PvP game server. With an initial limited number of channels to try and reduce them being overwhelmed. And access to the most important feature, voice, without even selecting any roles.

  1. The #st-games channel now just displays the game channels that can be selected, no mention of WoW factions that could confuse non-WoW players.
  2. The faction roles moved from the #st-games channel, to the #st-wow setup channel that members see after selecting the WoW option in st-games. Result is, for members that are not interested in WoW, they don't see any mention of WoW related stuff like factions in the setup channels. The faction roles are now only used for member categorization and mentions, and do not affect the channels displayed.
  3. Removed the unused setup help channel. It was more used in the past, when we made new members do join role commands. But since we got rid of join commands, new members don't seem to need help channel.
  4. The community category channels are hidden until level 1. That's less channels that a new member, in fact most members, will have to deal with. And the social channels are unlocked at level 2. This way, channels unlikely to be of interest to a less active member are never even seen.
  5. Reduced the level unlock for Economy and PollCreator roles to 3 and 4. If a significant new bot or MEE6 plugin is added, it could potentially be unlocked at level 5. That's the idea anyway. These features are not relevant to less active members, so hide them till they are active.
  6. The info channels at bottom were previously only visible to members that selected a role, but are now visible to everyone. This makes the rules and other info channels guaranteed visible to everyone on the server.
  7. Voice channels are now visible to everyone even without a role. Should make inv process easier when for example pugging for more. You can avoid random people joining your voice channel by using our vc commands. Once they are joined on the server, they can join your vc channel without doing anything else. Up to them if they want to select any of the roles in the setup channels. The way it was in the past, with vc only being accessible if role self-assigned via command, was a big turn off for some people. Hopefully less stress leading groups on vc now.

Discord Roles

Roles have been simplified a lot. In the past a role was needed to even see any channels. Now, roles are effectively optional. However, I do like the idea of roles as reward for activity and progression. Reduced the number of prestige roles, was too many roles. The remaining ones are designed to reward community activity in a simpler and automated way.

Prestige Reputation Roles

  1. Paragon - Unlocked at level 30. Displayed above exalted members in member list.
  2. Exalted - Unlocked at level 25. Displayed above revered members in member list.
  3. Revered - Unlocked at level 20. Displayed above honored members in member list.
  4. Honored - Unlocked at level 15. Displayed above online members in member list.

Discord Members Sidebar

The member list sidebar is no longer categorized by faction, because it meant a big list of Alliance members followed by Horde listed underneath. Instead it will be categorized by roles like below, which are more indicative of status on the server, rather than faction being played. Makes the server more game neutral in its basic setup.

Sidebar Hierarchy

  1. Owner
  2. Elite
  3. Admin, leader, mod, creator
  4. Prestige reputation roles
  5. Everyone else

Discord Features

It's great when Discord adds a new native feature, or a bot adds something new and shiny.

  1. Discord's threads message feature now enabled on this server.
  2. Our EasyPoll bot got an upgrade, new commands for timed polls and closing polls. Note that polls do not currently work in thread views, they can only be reacted to in the main message view.
  3. Certain members can use voice chat to record an mp3.
  4. The MEE6 bot has been removed from server. It was not needed because the PVPXTV bot is a custom MEE6 bot.
  5. I made various tweaks, mostly based around making role permissions simpler.

Discord Economy

For a time, I kept adding items to the economy shop to try and get interest in it. Gotta face facts, not a lot of interest in the shop. I removed the unused items, to focus just on items that have had some interest, or that I still think have potential. A big change is the removal of the challenge system. No interest, but also I'm aiming for a more streamlined situation now where everything is self service and natural progression.

  1. Removed unused guild items.
  2. Removed unused challenge items (and associated roles).
  3. What was the TSS Head item is now the Medal item.

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