WoW PvP Discord - New Features

Shadowlands expansion release was great for our PvP community.

To help keep our growing membership connected and entertained, new channels and features have been added to our Discord. Yes, too many channels not good! Potentially overwhelming to new members, but keep in mind channel categories can be collapsed, and channels muted or hidden if not interested in them. I've tried to only add new channels and features that will really get used and serve a purpose, focusing on teams and community.

RBG Team Channels

Now that RBG teams are a thing on PVPXTV (for Alliance anyway!) there's a dedicated text and events channel per team in each faction category. These are hidden channels just for the team you are assigned to. Good for talking about other teams behind their backs... I mean talking team tactics without being disturbed by other members. We don't have dedicated RBG team voice channels, instead group vc channels are created on demand and can be set private.

New Community Channels

This is where the bulk of new channels have been added, visible to both factions.

  • Challenge - for our new MEE6 economy.
  • Streams - automatic message when a member goes live on Twitch. Also added the similar YouTube feature to the existing videos channel.
  • Tweets - members that WoW on Twitter get their tweets automatically posted here.
  • Reddit - new posts on our two reddit communities get automatically posted here.
  • Pets - channel just for pets! Could potentially add other special interest channels, but will base on demand.
  • Links - contains a post that links to our reddit post of all community links. Never hunt for a community link again, they are all accessible from this channel.
  • Rules - important rules for members.

(Edit: links and rules have since moved to info category.)

MEE6 Level Roles

As a reward to members for engaging on our Discord, two new MEE6 level roles have been added - Challenger and PollCreator. These perks are automatically unlocked when a member reaches level 4 and 8 respectively.

The Challenger role gives full access to the new community challenge channel, allowing the member to take part in our MEE6 economy. The PollCreator role gives access to the new poll command. More level roles could be added later, it's a great feature.

MEE6 Economy

Enabled the MEE6 economy plugin and added a dedicated community challenge channel for MEE6 level 4+ members to work, play games, buy items, and claim a daily reward. Rack up those coins! Save them to be richest on the server? Gamble? Or buy challenge items and use them - you'll receive a challenge that you can complete to earn a big reward.


Added the EasyPoll bot. MEE6 Level 8+ members can now post a poll in any channel they have access to. Great for quick feedback or gauging opinions on hot topics. Polls can be a simple yes no, or multiple choice with either one answer or multiple. Although only level 8+ can post polls, any member can answer a poll they can see.

Fixed Invite Error

For a long time, there was an issue with some members not being able to join via our invite link. They were getting a message link expired or invalid. The link was unlimited use with no expiry, so this was a bug. However, we seem to have corrected the issue by being more specific in the sign up instructions and eliminating the step that triggered the error. So far, no more reports of expired or invalid links.

(Edit: this was not the issue, but fixed now.)

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