WoW Community Invite

World of Warcraft players that love group PvP are invited to join our dual faction PvP community.

Multiple guilds and cross realm communities, one Discord. All are welcome. We have general Horde and Alliance PvP guilds, and also themed PvP guilds for both factions. Our guilds are connected by cross realm communities of the same name. This enables easy co-op between the guilds, and allows players without characters on our guild realms to take part.

General PvP Guilds & Communities

Themed PvP Guilds & Communities

Affiliate Guilds

In addition to our core PVPXTV guilds, all run by the same guild master - we also have affiliated guilds that are part of our network. These are run by their own gm, and may or may not share the same guild name as the core guilds or have the same setup.

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PvP Together

Group PvP is the focus of this community. All experience levels are welcome. The goal is fun! And to learn and grow together as a community.


Battle as a team in casual unrated or competitive rated battlegrounds. Learn strategy and teamwork, together, as a team! Are you a leader? Lead us to victory!


With various ratings, skill, and gear levels - you'll find suitable partners in our community. Partner up and climb the ranks of 2v2 and 3v3 arena together.


Demonstrate your prowess or develop your skills in 1v1 combat with our community. Favourite duel spot is outside enemy faction capital cities.


Group up and destroy the Horde or Alliance invading our zones. This community has a zero tolerance policy towards Horde and Alliance of any number or level.


The hidden wargame feature in WoW can be used to challenge an opposing group to a PvP instance, regardless of faction. Compete against community members in arenas or battlegrounds. WarGameHelper makes it much easier to organize a wargame.


Our guild and community PvP events are great for grinding achievements and enemies, but also social fun with friends and team building.

Join Community

Ready to join our two faction community? Get your Alliance invite or your Horde invite and follow the instructions to join our PvP community. We also have Alliance PvP guilds and Horde PvP guilds. Join us on Discord, subscribe to YouTube, follow on Twitch, Twitter and Reddit.