WoW Community PVPXTV

PVPXTV is a community for PvP in World of Warcraft and other games. It's a dual faction network of WoW PvP guilds and communities, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Reddit.

WoW Guilds

The core of our PvP community. We have Horde and Alliance guilds with same GM. They play independently, but are also designed for faction war together. There's lots of potential for rivalry and fights between our guilds, with instanced wargames in rated battlegrounds and arenas, and in world PvP.

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WoW Communities

Our guilds have cross realm communities to connect them. This enables easy co-op between the guilds, but also allows your alts and players without characters on our guild realms to take part. Recommended to join even if you're in our guilds.

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We have a Discord server for PvP in WoW and other PvP games. For voice chat we prefer that you use our Discord rather than in-game vc, unless no choice. Text channels are provided to members for general chat, your images, videos, and music. Music bot, and other bots, are available to enhance your experience.

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Watch yourself in action on our YouTube channel. Battlegrounds, arenas, duels, and WPvP. The videos are building up! If you have a PvP related YouTube channel, let us know. We can build a network of community YouTube channels, all featuring and promoting each other.

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Live streaming of guild and community PvP, and shenanigans. If you have a PvP related Twitch channel, let us know. We can build a network of community Twitch channels, all promoting each other, feature other member channels and host them when you're offline.

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Guild and community news, PvP vids, GM ramblings, funny cat pics, cool art and PvP retweets. If you have a WoW related Twitter account, let us know. Networking together, we can promote each other and the community. And have fun! Great potential for rivalry between our guilds.

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Our subreddit for PvP can be used by anyone to post their PvP content. This is a new subreddit, and will take time to get established. I'll add posts to build up content, but if you love PvP and have something to say, please contribute. We also have a WPvP subreddit.

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WoW players that love group PvP are invited to join our dual faction PvP community.