WoW Multiboxing Guide

Multiboxers want to steal herbs and make you poor. Hunt them down. In the video guide you will see how to deal with multiboxers.

Edit: Blizzard nerfed multiboxers, making this post out of date. They are still out there tho, and more vulnerable without their synced abilities.

Multiboxing is widely regarded as bad for WoW. These players destroy the auction house economy apparently. I don't really care about that. I just love killing multiboxers hehe.

The mboxer is likely to be a Druid, they are good herbalists and good escapers. As the attacker, for any class, a good strategy for hunting multiboxers is:

  1. If possible, do the herbalism profession. This allows you track herb nodes on the map, showing you where the mboxer will be and where they are going next.
  2. Form a party of 2+ with War Mode on.
  3. Identify the lead character of the multiboxing player. It should be slightly ahead of the other characters when it's moving.
  4. If flying is available, one party member should fly near the multiboxer, and one party member stays closer to the ground.
  5. If flying is available, the party member near the ground nets the lead mboxing character when in range. It will fall, the other party member immediately flies to it. Dotting the mboxer Druid is very important to prevent stealth or flight form, then finish it off. The rest of the mbox bots will stop mid air, net them too if possible.
  6. Whether flying is available or not, an mboxing herbalist must go to herb nodes. They will visit each node on the map, and camping a single node can pay dividends. The important thing is to target the lead mbox character first, then finish off the rest of them.

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