WoW Minimap Humanoid Tracking

Track humanoids with ease on any of your WoW characters. Great for WPvP and battlegrounds.

Hunters and Druids have the ability to track humanoids on the minimap, but all classes can track humanoids with the Blackened Worg Steak food buff. Unfortunately, the default minimap is often an unreadable mess of NPC dots. It would be good to hide everything except player dots. Install the HideNpcTracking addon, now you can decide which dots to display! A clean minimap is a useful minimap. Enjoy your hunting enemy players and early warning system. Use on land, sea and air.

Blackened Worg Steak

Eat the food for 10 seconds, you will gain the Track Humanoids buff for 1 hour. You have the choice of hoping the item will be on the auction house, finding someone that's willing to supply you, or cooking it yourself.  If you don't already have the Blackened Worg Steak recipe, or even the cooking profession, it doesn't take much effort to acquire. Buying the mats on the auction house is quick and easy.

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Hide the NPCs on your minimap to make it usable for player humanoid tracking. This addon is maintained by users, and the download link can be found in the addon's comments section. Scroll down until you see the link for current WoW version. Reply to that comment if any problems.

I was previously using NpcHider, but that addon appears to be gone. HideNpcTracking is a good alternative to NpcHider.

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