WoW Machinima - Twisted Shadow

Only the total destruction of all enemies will quench his thirst for blood.

After a terrible loss, Vaeyn wandered the zones of Legion. Filled with emptiness, killing enemies when he found them, trying to sate his bloodthirst. It was never enough.

Then, evil destroyed the beloved home of his Night Elf race. Teldrassil, world tree. Burned to death by the most heinous enemy - Horde.

Now, filled with rage, Vaeyn found new depths to his bloodthirst. An almost limitless desire for revenge. His kill rate would increase a thousandfold in Battle for Azeroth. And STILL it's not enough! Only after total destruction of all enemies, can he rest.

In his tireless mission, Vaeyn seeks to bring more allies to the cause - to help defend the good Alliance, their zones and overseas interests, by finding and destroying all Horde. This is genocide, extinction. The end of Horde!

Alliance Defence Force needs you: Join us, together we will destroy the Horde. No escape, no mercy, kill them all.

This machinima is a compilation of game animated clips from World of Warcraft videos that you can find on the PVPXTV YouTube channel.