WoW Location to Chat Macro

Sometimes group members lose track of your position, and need some help finding you in the heat of the moment. Voice chat is not always possible or is unclear.

The WoW macro below broadcasts your current location to chat, both co-ordinates and subzone name. Now you don't have to look at your map and manually type your location. Useful when an objective is near you, but the rest of your group is far away and are having difficulty understanding your directions.

Location to Chat

/script px, py = C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition(C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit("player"), "player"):GetXY()
/run SendChatMessage(format ("[%s] %.2f, %.2f",GetSubZoneText(),px*100,py*100), IsInGroup(2) and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or IsInRaid() and "RAID" or "PARTY")

Binding this macro to a key results in very fast and easy location broadcasts to your group.

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