WoW Guilds

PVPXTV is a network of WoW guilds, connected by one Discord.

We have core guilds on several realms run by a single guild master (gm), and you are welcome to join. But we also have affiliated guilds that are part of our network, run by their own gm. If you are a gm, you can add your guild to our network simply by asking your members to sign up on our Discord. Guilds that integrate may be listed as an official affiliated guild.

Retail or Classic, Horde or Alliance, any region, all are welcome. The only caveat, PVPXTV is a PvP community. Join us even if your guild mostly PvEs, as long as it already PvPs some of the time, or you want to increase PvP activity.

Discord Features

  • Existing friendly userbase.
  • Channels for WoW and other games.
  • On demand lockable and renamable group voice channels.
  • Events channel for single or automatically recurring events.


Proactive and trusted guild masters that help build our community may be assigned the role of Leader on our Discord. This gives access to leader channels, creating events, and more. 

Join Us

Sound good? If you are a guild master, give your members our Discord invite to get signed up. Read more about PVPXTV core and affiliate guilds.