WoW Guild WPvP Event

Kill as many enemy players as possible! Control zone objectives. Dominate! Several achievements to work towards: Honor Level, Bloodthirsty, Tour of Duty, Wrath, Slayer, and more. Want to take part? Join one of our guilds or communities.


  • Creepjackers (G): 1m honor kills
  • City Attacker (G): 2.5k enemy kills in capital city
  • Honor Level
  • the Bloodthirsty: 250k honor kills
  • of the Alliance: 100k honor kills
  • Tour of Duty: 1k honor points per zone
  • City Defender: 50 enemy player kills in ally cities
  • Wrath of the Alliance: 5 honor kills per enemy city
  • Horde Slayer (quest): 10 honor kills with bounty and without dying


We have Discord for optional voice chat. If you'll use vc, join our Discord before the event, self-assign the relevant role, and test your mic. Enable noise suppression in Discord even if on push to talk. Post your event pics and vids in our #images and #videos channels, and r/WPvP subreddit.


Join us for World PvP weekly events. Get event day/time details and sign up for events via our Discord events channel. Be available on the event day/time. Note that vc is optional.

Join Us

Sound like fun to you? Why not join us and be part of our community! Whether you play Horde or Alliance, there's a place for you in our dual faction guilds and communities.