WoW Guild Recruitment Macros

A recruitment macro is just one part of a guild recruitment strategy. At a time of your choosing, click to send a guild recruitment message and invite link to group or zone chat.

Capital cities are optimum for general chat guild recruitment. I recruit for my PvP guilds and communities in winning battlegrounds or fun WPvP lfg groups. It's up to you how you use these macros, but I suggest avoid spamming.

Watch the guide video to see how it's done.


  1. Open the guild UI and send a guild invite link to any chat channel.
  2. Create a new empty macro.
  3. Copy one of the macros below, and paste into the macro editor.
  4. Change "YOUR MESSAGE" to... your message. Keep it short, too long and the link insertion might not work.
  5. Leave the cursor at the position in your message where you want the link. The cursor must be flashing at the insertion point.
  6. Hold down your shift key and left click on the invite link in chat, while the cursor is flashing in the macro - the link should now be in your macro. If not, reduce the length of your message to an empty space, ensure the cursor is flashing at the insertion point, retry inserting the link, and if it works type in your message.
  7. Save the macro and put it on an action bar, click it - your message and link should display in chat. Click the link to test. If the guild UI appears, it works!

Guild Invite to Group Chat

The message will be sent to party, raid, or instance chat depending on your current group type.

/run SendChatMessage("YOUR MESSAGE", IsInGroup(2) and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or IsInRaid() and "RAID" or "PARTY")

Guild Invite to General Chat

The message will be sent to "1" general chat, or replace "1" with your preferred channel.


You can also use these macros to send community invites to chat, just use the community UI instead of the guild UI.

Maybe you recruit for a guild and community, and want to promote both in one message. Add multiple links to one macro. But remember, your macro is restricted to 250 characters.

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