WOW Guild Rated Battlegrounds Event

Battle as a team in competitive Rated Battlegrounds. Learn strategy and teamwork, together, as a team! Want to take part? Join one of our guilds or communities.


Be prepared for a wargame challenge from another team on your own or the enemy faction. The WarGameHelper addon is recommended for group leaders.

The following addons are required for rated battlegrounds with our community.


Voice chat is required for RBGs. Ensure that you've already joined our Discord before the event, self-assigned the relevant role, and tested your mic. Enable noise suppression in Discord even if on push to talk. Post your event pics and vids in our #images and #videos channels, and r/PVPXTV subreddit.


Join us for Rated Battlegrounds weekly events. Get event day/time details and sign up for events via our Discord events channel. Be available on the event day/time.

Join Us

Sound like fun to you? Why not join us and be part of our community! Whether you play Horde or Alliance, there's a place for you in our dual faction guilds and communities.