WoW Guild Gladiator

Complete our Discord's Guild Gladiator challenge, earn your trophy and prestigious Gladiator role.

Edit: Discontinued due to no interest.

Through our community's prestige role system, I want to make sure the most engaged members receive the recognition they deserve. Whereas our guild ranks are a fixed list, the Discord prestige roles can be more expansive. The Gladiator prestige role was created specifically for our Guild Gladiator challenge.

In WoW PvP, the Gladiator feat of strength is very prestigious, and is perfect as a repeatable challenge on our Discord. Here's how it works.

  1. PVPXTV Discord member reaches level 4, giving them access to commands in our economy channel.
  2. After earning enough coins through claiming daily reward, work and games - they buy a guild gladiator item in our economy channel.
  3. Then they use the item in the economy channel to initiate the challenge and receive instructions on how to complete it.
  4. Achieves the Gladiator feat of strength within the current season, on a character that's a member in one of our guilds. Provides evidence and then claims reward.
  5. If the conditions are met, an admin gives them their trophy reward - that has a special use feature, and a prestige role "Gladiator".

Guild Gladiator

Want to become a guild gladiator? Join one of our guilds and our Discord. Compete to be the top gladiator on the PVPXTV Discord server. Collect and use your trophy items in any channel you have access, demonstrate your prowess.