WoW Funny Moments

For me the fun is interacting with other players and achieving randomness. WoW is a game with awesome potential to create funny moments.

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I love random! That's partly why I will never PvE again. Never if I can help it anyway. PvE is the opposite of random. Scripted same result every time. PvP, player versus player, that's where to find random. And therefore where I go to enjoy random funny moments.

Although I enjoy PvP, I don't actually care about high skill. If I can win of course I'm happy. What I really want is a funny moment. The best places I've found to achieve that, is anywhere mixed skill and gear levels are involved. Random battlegrounds and world PvP are my game modes in World of Warcraft.

In this montage video, you will not see high skill from me. But having fun I am! The warrior leaping at the enemy trying to cap our flag... that's my kinda funny moment. So random. And the enemy's confusion, love it. Or me trying to keep an enemy mage alive until rest of my party arrives to get kill credit, and then mage killing me. Makes me laugh hehe. Probably my absolute fav is stealing flags, and knowing how the defender is feeling about that. Fun!

I play other games too, preferring open world multiplayer because it provides opportunity for funny moments. GTA 5 is my second game right now. It's long in the tooth, but still awesome. Lots of fun to be had causing trouble for other players. Or them causing me trouble.

Really want to stream all this on my Twitch channel. Can't! Darn copper wire internet. But when I can stream, for sure I will. Yep, I don't know if there will be a market for my sense of humour, or average skill gameplay. But heck, I am gonna try it! Maybe even this year if I can get that low earth orbit satellite internet in my area!

In the meantime, you can watch me having fun on my YouTube channel.